The following Testimonials came to John on his LinkedIn page from professionals from across Australia and overseas, following his induction into the Australian Franchise Hall of Fame in 2010.

Greg Nathan – 2011
Franchise Relationships Institute

“I’ve known John Brown for any years as a colleague and have a great deal of respect for his wisdom and his thoughtful, straight forward approach. I’d say you’re in good hands if John is advising you.”

Veronica Jumeaux – 2011
Partner at HWL Ebsworth and Director at Legal InSite

“John is an outstanding business growth strategist, with outstanding expertise in franchising, for which he is widely acclaimed in Australia and internationally. John is trustworthy and reliable. He has a deep and detailed knowledge of his field, and is able to apply that knowledge with a high degree of commercial acumen. The icing on the cake is that he is also a pleasure to work with.”

Joe Lazzara – 2011
Owner Borrello Legal

“I highly recommend John. He has vast experience, and brings a lot to the table with his hands-on approach. John is passionate about getting the job done right, the first time. He always keeps his client’s best interests in mind, and is not afraid to question conventional wisdom if that will achieve a better result. He is highly ethical, and I admire that quality in him. He’s a nice bloke to boot, and is a pleasure to work with.”

Tamra Seaton – 2012
Associate Director at ‘MDS Legal’

“John is well known and respected throughout Australia for his vast and broad experience and knowledge with respect to franchise businesses, for his integrity, candour and high standards and for his passion, dedication and commitment to his clients. Our mutual clients say that it is well worth having John in their corner.”

Dr Callum Floyd – 2011
Director, “Franchize Consultants NZ“

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know John over the last seven years and have benefited greatly through the sharing of ideas and knowledge. John is a professional. His work is detailed and his approach clear and strategic. John adds real value to his clients. I look forward to continuing our relationship and also congratulate John for his well-deserved Hall of Fame position’”

Peter Buckingham – Spectrum Analysis – 2011
Market Research | Demographic and Location Analysis

“John is an extremely experienced professional in the franchise space, for which he has been made an official legend (Hall of Famer) within the FCA. We have worked with John at Ranger Outdoors and before that at Franchise Alliance, and always found him to be extremely capable in all his dealings. I highly recommend John for any future assignments.”

Chris Walsh – 2011
Housespect WA

“I have known John for over 7 years and find him to be a person of utmost integrity and highly experienced in business in particular franchising. He is very easy to talk to and gets straight to the point and is highly articulate and systemised in his approach to business mentoring and advice.

He is extremely well thought of in the business and franchising community in both WA and the rest of the country

He’s also a really nice bloke and I enjoy his company immensely”

Julia Camm – 2011
Research, Education & Training Consultant

“John is a shining example of being a great franchise citizen. Over the years, we have collaborated on projects that focus on educating the franchise sector. I have always been impressed with his energy to engage and share his knowledge and expertise. He is the perfect partner to your development needs.”

Phil Blain – 2011
Principal at Franchise Right

“JB isn’t a Hall of Fame Member of the Franchise Council of Australia for nothing. He simply is Mr. Franchise W.A. with an astounding level of knowledge and experience. Not a bad bloke either……..”