The foundation stone to our experience is that of John Brown our Founder and Managing Director.

John’s background prior to being in small business was in the administration and accounting field where, following a career in banking he worked for several large multi-national industrial and mining/construction companies across Australia.

Following 12 years in accounting/administration roles John entered the franchise sector in 1981 and became a franchisee in the Bedshed group and over time owned and successfully operated five stores and sold each of them for Capital Gain once a further opportunity arose to build up another underperforming store.

After that time in retail with a brief period as a Business Broker, John joined Franchise Alliance as a partner, a two person fledgling advisory company in Perth, providing recruitment services to franchisors supplemented with a small range of development programmes. Alongside Franchise Alliance the partners also founded, developed as a ‘first in the world business format franchise for the brand, and then operated Expense Reduction Analysts in Australia with John as the founding Managing Director. The partnership also held other service based business format franchise systems.

Following many successful years the partnership dissolved and John retained Franchise Alliance from the break-up of business interests and moulded it into a pure consultancy providing a wide range of services to franchisors; predominantly in the start-up and system development space. John’s background in accounting plus his keen interest in small business and franchising generally provided a sound platform for the new advisory business model. Franchise Alliance was expanded across Australia in 2004 and John retired from the group in 2008 to focus on another of his consultancies in Perth, that being Business Development Alliance (BDA). BDA operated in the non-franchised space and then later moved into the franchise space as well. John sold his interests in BDA-online in 2010 to stimulate a major change in his personal life at that time.

In the period since then John has consulted to franchisor clients on a part time basis through his family company Browns Lane Consulting alongside developing and operating a small retail company in the leisure sector.

Franchise Australia is now the Brand adopted by John to focus purely on services to the franchise sector and, as needs are identified John will recruit experienced consultants on a project basis and for any specific scope of work required beyond his own strategic skill set.

John’s unique skill set and vast experience in the strategic design and systemisation of business format franchise models is unparalleled in WA. He is colloquially known as the ‘grandfather of franchising’ here in Perth. So, if you are short on experience then you could only benefit from using John Brown to guide you on the journey