About Us

We know that franchising is all about people – every time, the rest of it is somewhat secondary but obviously very necessary from a structural and systemic business standpoint, and we have considerable experience in that arena.

For us to really contribute to your needs we must be considered a part of the ‘Inner Circle’ insofar as your business affairs are concerned. It is critically important that we know everything – no secrets. If we don’t know everything how could we possibly know how you are feeling or why you are reacting to matters the way that you do? If you take us into your confidence we can both be sure our recommendations are tailored to suit the needs of the business, and the specific circumstances you are dealing with.

We will not take a ‘typical consultant’ approach to your needs. It doesn’t work. Our ‘care factor’ is at the top of the scale and we are sincere with it.

Our role will be undertaken in such a way that it works for you and your business whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee or simply wanting to consider entering the franchise sector?

We will seek to use your ‘in-house skills’ and not attempt to replicate them simply to create greater fees for ourselves. If you have skills in your business that are equal to or greater than our own, then we would want to guide and utilise them for optimum outcomes, if that were possible. This approach can save you a considerable sum of money.

We will under promise and over deliver. We promise!

We cannot be all things to all people – if we can’t help you with a particular issue we will say so and then we will find someone who can; someone else that you can also put your trust in.

Most if not all consultants say that the key motivators to turn a business into a franchise are Time, People and Money. That is to say that the goal is to have other ‘people’ using their ‘money’ to build a network ‘faster’ than otherwise might be the case so that market opportunities might be captured more quickly?

This simple overview may be true for some but there is much more to think about, in fact a great deal more.

In our experience, and following recent discussions with other respected consultants across Australia and in New Zealand the majority of franchisors that commenced with just those three motives over the past twenty years have today still not reached their full potential, or disappeared completely. The reasons for this are complex, but simple at the same time.


Square peg round hole; call it as you feel but if the people propositions are not right, then rest won’t work properly and the business will be put at risk; every time. Why would you compromise your investment by having the wrong people propositions?

It is not just about the people inside your business either. Your accountant, lawyer, consultants, banker, they all have a deliberate role to play in working alongside you and they must all fit the plan and where possible your Culture whilst working with you. Again, if they don’t then some things in your business cannot optimise.

Managing the franchisor – franchisee relationship is unlike any other and you will require skills that perhaps you do not have today. It is very different and must be respected for those differences. You or your key team members might need specific education or training in this area? We can facilitate that if required? Without doubt they will require some guidance in the management of franchisees if they have not experienced it in the past.


You will need to have a strong and sustainable passion for your business that can withstand the rigours of pressure brought about by other people having a franchised model of your business operating in other regions with from time to time differing challenges? Your enduring passion will need to rise above helping to manage the challenges some of your franchisees might be faced with and at times in stressful situations.

More importantly a passion for helping others achieve their goals in life is necessary. At the same time of course your passion needs to be well rooted in reality. Often dreams of growth and prosperity can lead a business down the wrong pathway. We will challenge your dreams to ensure they are real and attainable across the whole business model. Sustainable growth does not happen quickly in modern day franchising, but if done well it can happen. Rapid growth is not ideal even though it might be seen to be attractive at first.


Why bother with a growth plan if your business performance is not up to the mark? Franchising is about many things but importantly about optimising performance at each and every point in your business, and for the full journey; not just to start with. Together we would explore this and develop specific improvement strategies where necessary.

Your people must be strong performers in their respective roles as well. If they are to be the support structure for franchisees who have invested in you and your business model, then they must be the very best that you can find. Franchisees will challenge them regularly so they need to be very good at what they do and able to communicate in the appropriate way.

There is much to know before a successful franchise plan and model can be built for both sides of the relationship, and business equation. We know we can help you to do that.

John would love to have a chat if you feel that we can assist you in improving your life, and that of your business. If you want a good chat give John a call on 0408 273 337 WA time …. it is that simple.