Welcome to Franchise Australia

Franchising in the modern world has changed, and it has changed considerably. In Australia specifically it continues to change with innovation and regulatory initiatives merging into a safer and more reliable business model.

Some consultants say it is simple; we do not agree. Straightforward yes but not simple. There are many traps for the ill prepared and taking a simplistic approach can be fraught with risk.

One of our goals is to make your business life easier.

We are therefore quite different to other consultancies and our Clients know this. Our focus is to educate you whilst we work together in a direct but personable way and we will always deliver on our promises.

We educate to stimulate; to stimulate your life, your mind and of course your business, so that you can improve your business utilising our inputs, with less stress and more fun.

The key message here is to Do it Right and Do it Once.

Experience, Knowledge and Support

Our extensive Experience and Knowledge allow us to provide valuable Support.

Our Director John Brown has been working within and Supporting the franchise sector since 1981, and across most facets of the franchise model. John’s Experience and Knowledge is detailed within those tabs, so have a good read to better understand what we bring to the table, for you and for your business.

With 36 plus years of direct Experience as a franchisee, a master franchisee, a franchisor and as a consultant since 1991, John has much to offer to you in all matters franchising.

We too practice what we preach. John as well as loving his family times, also goes bush to relax and spend time with friends exploring the great outback and seeking out historic features and places or he spends time with his many motor sport enthusiast mates enjoying those experiences. Life is too short not to enjoy oneself.

We sincerely hope that you can identify our scope of skills and expertise and relate those back to your needs. We would enjoy speaking and then meeting with you to confidentially discuss the opportunities or challenges that you have identified.